Vitalfuse Fused Focus Review

May, 2024

Another great nootropic stack for gamers is the Fused Focus from Vitalfuse. It is a product which relies on Bacopa Monnieri as its core substance and therefore improves a lot of the brain’s qualities. Just like the Primal Herb stack, there isn’t a lot of wastage here. Vitalfuse has done a great job with keepings thing simple and to the point. The substances are ideal for gamers as their effect is well-researched and known to the community.

One of the main things a professional gamer needs is his focus to be set at the right place. This is why taking a supplement to help in this field is vital for most of the gamers out there. With this stack, you will see improvement in decision making, reaction time, motivation, energy levels, and most importantly focus. All that will take your gaming abilities to the next level. The Fused Focus stack isn’t used only by gamers, though. This is why we created a detailed review of it in which we showcase its strengths and explain why other groups might benefit from its well-balanced formula as well.

Our Verdict: We recommend the Vitalfuse Fused Focus to anyone who is looking to take his gaming abilities to another level and also wants to improve his overall focus and concentration. Students, gamers, and people with attention deficit issues will all greatly benefit from this stack.

Features That Make It Stand Out

As we mentioned the core ingredient here is an extract from B.Monnieri. It sits at a comfortable amount of 300 mg per serving which isn’t a lot but also isn’t too little. Let’s stay that the overall theme with this stack is being perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

The Effect

Once you start taking it, you are entering a 30-day cycle” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>cycle which consists of one capsule per day. The first effects you feel will be that you feel more sharp in the mornings and there is less brain fog. Gamers who want improved focus and concentration to help them with those 12-hour gaming sessions will experience the strongest effect after the first few days.

There is a good long-lasting result concerning the memory, specifically the long-term one. Still, you will feel that you recall things better and remember little details like where you left your keys far easier.

Before taking this stack you should always consult your physician to see whether this poses any risks for your health. We will discuss the side effects further down the review.

For users who want a faster and stronger effect the dosage can be doubled making the intake 2 pills a day for 15 days. The capsules are taken before eating (preferably around 30 minutes prior to the meal) with a full glass of water or in the described way by your physician.

Other effects that users experience is a boost in the mood, and a huge improvement of motivation to exercise and improve.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what is actually inside.

The Ingredients

When it comes to supplements that deal with the brain’s ability to focus, concentrate, and remember, there is one nootropic which is always involved, whether it is as a core substance or not. That is none other than:

Bacopa Monnieri

We’ve covered the effect of this nootropic in great detail in our full Buyer’s Guide but let’s briefly showcase what it is capable of in this review as well. In short, B.Monnieri is a very potent memory enhancer which also works in a variety of other brain’s parts. It stimulates the nerve regeneration and nerve growth in our brains and those two things lead to a better neuroplasticity and a better neurological health in the long run.

The benefits from this substance kick in after the 6th week, therefore won’t be able to be fully appreciated while taking the Fused Focus stack. Still, this is tightly connected to memory but it will act on focus and concentration faster. At doses of 300 mg per 24 hours it can be quite potent and the effects might become noticeable before the 6th week mark. Still, at these doses the chances of side effects such as intestinal discomfort are higher than usual as well. Basically, upping your dose is a calculated risk which you need to consult your healthcare professional about.

Moving on to our next substance…

Caffeine Anhydrous

The difference between this caffeine and regular caffeine is that with caffeine anhydrous there are no water molecules in the chemical compound. That makes the effect stronger and more concentrated. Basically, what this is is pure caffeine without anything else mixed with it.

What this nootropic does is give you a short burst of energy and focus. Still, there are no long-term effects from it and that is why we don’t specifically like it but most gamers rely on these short-termed effects to boost their day to day productivity.

Another issue we have is that pure caffeine gets in the way of your main nootropic here – B.Monnieri. It reduces the effects on memory it has, rendering this stack a purely focus-oriented one. Furthermore, there is 150 mg of caffeine in here which might be too much for most people who aren’t used to such high doses or have never tried coffee. Kids below 18 shouldn’t intake more than 100 mg of caffeine per day, while adults can go up to 300-400 per 24 hours but if you are a coffee drinker this stack will just create a variety of unwanted reactions due to the caffeine excess.


Theacrine is a substance very similar to caffeine. In fact, both of those act on the dopamine receptors leading to a very energetic reaction, so to speak. Contrary to caffeine, your body will never “get used” to theacrine and those 65 mg of it in combination with the 150 mg of caffeine can quite possibly mess up your sleep/” title=”sleep” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>sleep cycle if you are not careful with the intake. People who want to stay calm even when focused should look for other stacks which lack those two ingredients. Gamers on the other hand, need all the mental energy, alertness and focus they can get. Playing competitively in anything for hours and hours in a row will require your body to dig deep for its energy sources. This is where theacrine and caffeine are more than welcomed.


What this substance does is supply your brain with fresh choline. Choline is then transformed to acetylcholine in a chain of events. ACh is a key neurotransmitter which is responsible for most of the brain tasks such as learning, reacting to the environment, as well as muscle contraction speed and muscle memory. Both those things are paramount to gamers since they sometimes solely rely on reactions embedded in their nervous systems as well as pre-learned moves.

What is curious about Alpha-GPC is that it is a choline analogue compound which means that it provides a more efficient way of supplementing choline to the brain.

The issue with having this nootropic in this stack is that it is only 50 mg. That is 12 times less than a recommended dose. This made us wonder whether its effect will be felt in any shape or form. Most other nootropic stacks use CDP-Choline or Alpha-GPC in concentrations of around 500 mg.

Bilberry Fruit

Even if there are a lot of potential benefits from taking bilberry fruit extract, none of these effects are scientifically proven. One of the most well-researched (still not enough) aspects is that it affects the eyesight of the the user. That is why gamers lean towards having this in a nootropic stack rather than not. If it works, or is just a placebo will be something that time will tell after future research has been done.

Ginkgo Biloba

The last ingredient on this list is Ginkgo Biloba. As it is with other nootropic stacks, this proves to be great for short and long-term memory” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>long-term memory and is a very potent natural nootropic. An advantage of this substance is that it also has a ton of scientific evidence to back its effects. It allows for better blood flow to the brain leading to better oxygenation and overall brain performance.

Again, the trend that seems to be going on here is that there are good nootropics but are underrepresented in the stack. The 25 mg of G.Biloba just won’t cut it if you are taking normal doses.


  • great nootropics inside
  • Good combination between substances
  • Boosts focus
  • Normalizes mood levels and lets you concentrate better
  • Great for short and long-term memory


  • Low doses of every ingredient except the core one
  • Caffeine and Theacrine can give you more energy than you can handle

Final Thoughts On The Vitalfuse Fused Focus

Product Rating Updated: May, 2024 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Vitalfuse Fused FocusOverall the Fused Focus is a good nootropic product due to its combination of substances. Still, all of those feel underrepresented except maybe the core one (B.Monnieri). It is great for gamers as they usually take twice the dose and then the doses become more potent. The caffeine and theacrine can be a little too much for a person that has never tried coffee or doesn’t want to deal with a lot of excess energy but then again, gamers benefit from these greatly. In other words, this is a great stack with even better ingredients but the execution of the combination and its doses is a letdown and we have to take away a star rounding its score to four out of five stars rating.

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