Taylor Bates – Owner

Taylor Bates photoHello and welcome to NootroPicks.com!

Hi, I’m Taylor Bates! Ever since I was a child, ​I had ADD and couldn’t focus and remember anything.  In school, I had to study 3x as much as the other students and I still got average grades.  I couldn’t understand why I had trouble focusing, comprehending and memorizing things. I was terrible at finishing tasks and was a procrastinator.

This continued into my adulthood where I ended up seeing my Doctor about Adderall.  I was able to focus and get things done but I hated the way it made me feel!  So, I started researching natural remedy alternatives. I was desperate and determined to find something other than prescription drugs.  I’m a health nut and I hated pharmaceutical drugs because they screwed with your body and created major side effects.

This is where I stumbled upon nootropics. I read everything I could. I started trying different nootropics and combinations (stacks).

After some trial and error, I can say its made a substantial difference! If I only had this while I was in school.  What a difference it would have made.  I’m so grateful for finding the solution to my cognitive impairment. I’m now able to focus, remember things and get things done without the side effects and terrible feelings I had with Adderall.

That’s why I created this website. I want to help others who’ve experienced similar frustrations I have.  I hope you’ll join me on our path to fully understanding all our minds can offer.