Akua Life Neuro-Stack Review

The Neuro-Stack by Akua is a daily nootropic that is perhaps the most potent one on the market right now thanks to its numerous ingredients combined in a perfect way.

In terms of brain function, this product affects everything from the long-term development of the brain all the way to reduced anxiety and increased focus.

Since nootropic effect is subjective you can measure Akua Life’s reputation by the countless positive reviews their products have received.

The Neuro-Stack helps students from all over the world as well as adults who work under stressful conditions and in an office environment.

One slight downside is that the biochemistry engineers behind this product struggled with the ratio of different substances in it leaving some of the more important ones underrepresented in the overall formula.

In this review, we will help you decide whether this will affect the overall performance and see if this is the product for you.

Our Verdict: We recommend the Neuro-Stack to anyone who is looking to get an edge on its coworkers or fellow classmates. It will help you with concentration and the long-lasting effects are clearly felt even after months of not using it.

Students who have to endure heavy loads of information are the ideal target group for this product, although office workers can also feel vast improvements in their performance.

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Features That Make It Stand Out

If there is one thing that is great to see on a bottle label it is “nerve regeneration”. This is exactly what you will read off the label of the Neuro-Stack along with “improves focus”. These are great (even amazing) things on paper but whether they are true, you are about to find out.

Whenever you pay a lot for a product you typically expect it to do wonders compared to its cheaper counterparts. This isn’t exactly the case with Akua Life since, as we pointed out, they tried to cram as many substances in their product as they can, leaving some important ones left out.

That way you have substances that are highly concentrated and in great value while others equally as important feel underrepresented.

A Rundown Of The Effect

What the Neuro-Stack does the best is handle anxiety. When you take it regularly it will present you with the rest of its beneficial effects such as:

  • It will boost your short and long-term memory” href=”https://nootropicks.com/how-to-improve-long-term-memory/” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>long-term memory
  • It will increase your concentration
  • You will have reduced stress and will be able to handle anxiety far easier
  • Better morning clarity
  • Long-term brain health

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules once per day for a period of two weeks but we find that it works better if you reduce the dosage and increase the period for example taking 3 capsules until the stack is complete.

Some of the effects might present themselves a lot sooner as there are a lot of nootropics at play here, as we mentioned.

For example, the biggest part of this stack isn’t targeted at anxiety as it is Lion’s mane. It will help you concentrate better and have an overall better performance when it comes to brain tasks. That will show itself within the first few days.

Anxiety levels are hard to regulate and will therefore take a few more days to even out.

The great part about this cocktail of nootropics is that it has a very long-lasting effect. Whatever you accomplish will stick with you for a long time and you won’t have to undergo another cycle” href=”https://nootropicks.com/what-nootropics-need-to-be-cycled/” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>cycle of taking it.

The Ingredients

The star of the show here is the huge Lion’s Mane mushroom dose. It is 1400 mg which is a lot but it still is far from the maximum daily allowance of 3000 mg.

This is enough to help you feel the effects a day after you start taking it. You will start feeling more focused, sharper, and you will recall things easier. Soon after that, you will begin feeling calm and relaxed and the normal stress and anxiety levels will begin to naturally fall down until they get to a comfortable for you point.

Lion’s Mane Role

As we describe in our complete guide on nootropics, Lion’s Mane increases greatly the production of NGF (nerve growth factor). This neuropeptide regulates the growth of new neurons, their increase in numbers and the maintenance of their good shape.

The direct effects from that are logical – increased brain power, increased cognitive capabilities, and an overall healthier brain in the long run.

Another great thing about the Lion’s Mane is that you can’t really overdose with it since there are no reported side effects throughout all its testings. Overall, it is a good core ingredient chosen by Akua Life.

The Ginkgo Biloba Part In All That

There is a good amount of it here (100mg) which is in the lower range of the recommended dose but then again it isn’t the core substance so it shouldn’t be boosted to a huge number.

What this 100 mg will do for your brain is increase its blood flow and therefore make the environment there rich in oxygen which is good for cell protection and cell regeneration, as well as neuron performance.

Poor oxygenation is one of the main reasons for nerve degeneration in elderly people, which is why even more traditional drugs have a high dose of this substance in them.

It is important to note, though, that people with circulatory issues shouldn’t be taking Ginkgo Biloba or at least not in great doses since there is a risk of internal bleeding due to the dilated vessels and overall higher pressure.

The Extract From Pine Bark

This isn’t a very famous substance but it is a great antioxidant. It greatly exceeds all green teas when it comes to potency and the fact that Akua Life added it to their product shows us that they mean business. It isn’t exactly a nootropic and it isn’t needed for the combination of these substances but having it is a great addition to the overall positive effect.

The “Dead Weight” Issue

While we can’t argue that this stack is very potent, there are some issues that we want to address. It is easy to make a powerful stack when you pack everything you can think of in a large serving size.

Doing that, though, you will certainly leave something out or add something which isn’t necessarily needed, or as we like to call that – you will add dead weight.

There are a few substances here that really aren’t needed and can feel a little useless. One of those substances is the Lemon Balm here. It has 135 mg of it and the unproven sleeping aid effects aren’t even needed in a nootropic stack designed to boost productivity and help people with anxiety.

The way Akua Life spelled “cocoa” is also a little over the top. They wrote, “Peruvian Cacao” which is basically the same thing. Cocoa isn’t a proven nootropic as well, although some people might claim that cocoa (chocolate) is good for their brains.

Even if it is, it isn’t a potent enough nootropic to be put here, when there are already good enough substances to take care of the brain’s performance.

Just these two substances create a total of around 500 mg of stuff you don’t have to pay for and are pretty much useless for the goal of the stack as a whole. If we continue, we will show you that there are a few more “dead weight” substances but you surely already got the point.

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Now, let’s go through some of the most important pros and cons of the Neuro-Stack:


  • A high dose of Lion’s Mane mushroom
  • A rich spectrum of nootropic ingredients
  • Decreases anxiety substantially
  • Improves mood and reduces mood swings
  • Increases focus
  • Entirely vegan
  • Easy to use and to follow dosage instructions
  • Doesn’t contain caffeine” href=”https://nootropicks.com/which-nootropics-actually-work/” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>caffeine (which is a great plus for some people)
  • Good ratio between the price and everything that is inside


  • Some ingredients are under-dosed
  • It can take a while before the results kick in (from a few days to a week)

Final Thoughts On The Akua Life Neuro-Stack

Nootropicks.Com Product Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Akua Life Neuro-StackHaving a good nootropic stack will prove beneficial for a lot of your brain’s qualities but it is always good to look for stacks that emphasize one core ingredient only.

That is the case with Akua Life’s Neuro-Stack which has a code substance of Lion’s Mane which boosts your focus, improves your learning abilities, and most importantly – helps you with stress levels and anxiety.

Yes, there are some things in it that are kind of useless but for the price you are paying this is a great stack that does a lot of things right and successfully helps people dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. We gave it four and a half out of five stars.


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