Why Are Nootropics So Expensive: The High Price Of A Brain Boost

Nootropics are classified as a type of drug or supplement that can potentially improve creativity, attention, mental focus, clarity, and brain function while promoting relaxation and an elevated mood.

They’re popular in certain circles, such as with college students who need a serious edge when they’re studying for finals, but they’re also used by CEOs of major companies, and many types of intellectuals or professionals who need that extra boost only nootropics can provide.

Why are nootropics so expensive? Not all types of nootropics will come with a steep price tag. However, those that do typically contain the purest ingredients and the most effective formulas.

The manufacturers also go above and beyond and have their product tested by a third party in order to determine the quality of their product and provide proof that their formula is in fact pure.

Lower priced nootropics do exist, but typically, these supplements and drugs contain high levels of caffeine and low-quality natural ingredients.

That’s not to say that just because a nootropic is expensive that it’s going to work for you since everyone’s brain chemistry is unique.

However, you will have more luck in terms of finding effective nootropics if you go with a company that produces a purer, higher-quality product.

As you can see, not all nootropics are created equal. There are, in fact, many factors that can have a major impact on a product’s overall quality, effectiveness, and price. Read on to find out why some of these brain-boosting drugs are more expensive than others and how you can determine the overall quality of any product.

When Quality Counts

Not all nootropics are going to cost you an arm and a leg, in fact, there are many different types and brands of nootropics that are very affordable, but products with a reputation for effectiveness, nootropics that pack a serious punch, are generally more expensive, for a good reason.

Researching nootropics options is always important, but the key here is to pay attention to the active ingredients, purity of said ingredients, and the product’s overall quality.

Reading nootropics reviews will be especially important. It’s true that nootropics will affect each person differently, considering our brain chemistry is so unique.

However, an overall consensus regarding a product’s effectiveness and whether or not a specific nootropic offers certain types of results will be essential on your journey to find the right nootropics for you.

Not all nootropics will work or offer that mental boost many users are after, instead, you may experience more of a calming effect, however, the products available that really do work to provide a brain boost and wipe away mental fog, are the drugs and supplements most nootropics users are after.

Of course, the effectiveness of a nootropic, the results they offer, their purity and quality, will all play a role in terms of how expensive or affordable the product is or isn’t

Product Purity and Transparency

The American Medical Association published research that showed over seven hundred dietary supplements contained unapproved pharmaceutical agents.

This study focused on the fact that pure ingredients, in addition to the manufacturing process itself, are essential in terms of obtaining a higher quality product, one that can deliver the type of results promised.

Many companies purchase the ingredients in their nootropics on the open market, which makes it incredibly difficult to verify the purity of these ingredients. Of course, the ability to provide proof of product purity can go a long way toward satisfying buyers.

This is why most higher-end nootropics make it a point to clearly list all of their ingredients, giving potential users more insight in regard to what the product can actually do and offer.

Those serious about taking nootropics want to know exactly what they’re taking, including not only the ingredients but the percentage of each of the ingredients.

Research Counts

If a company conducts testing and research to determine the effects, purity, and quality of their product, you can expect this to be reflected in the product’s price.

Many successful nootropics companies will go above and beyond to prove that their product contains the ingredients and formula many nootropics takers are looking for.

These studies not only show consumers that the product is safe and tell us more in terms of the effects and potential side effects it also shows us that the manufacturer is more responsible and legitimate. For many, this type of peace of mind is worth the higher price tag.

Do High-End Nootropics Work Better?

Yes and no. Just because a product contains pure ingredients and studies have been conducted to determine the effects of the supplement and drug, doesn’t mean it will or won’t work for you.

As we mentioned earlier, every brain is different. Your own unique brain chemistry may not respond to a certain nootropic that worked for your friend or partner. That’s why many nootropics takers have to experiment with different types of nootropics in order to find the right ones that work for their own unique brain chemistry.

Additionally, just because a brand of nootropics comes with a higher price tag doesn’t mean it doesn’t have side effects.

Nootropics are designed to enhance mental performance and function and some contain stimulants that can cause certain side effects.

Stimulants can increase your level of alertness and improve your focus and mental clarity, but they can also increase your heart rate and leave you feeling anxious and jittery for hours.

If you’re someone who is sensitive to stimulants, especially caffeine, then you may be better off with a brand of nootropics that’s stimulant-free.

These all-natural nootropics tend to be more gentle on the stomach and don’t usually cause gastrointestinal issues. A nootropic doesn’t have to be a stimulant to work.

You can still find a product that’s all-natural, stimulant-free, and effective.

Dosage Size Matters

Nootropics can also be pricey based on the dosage size. Some nootropics are only designed for use when a brain boost is needed, while others can be taken one to three times daily.

If you purchase a fifty-dollar bottle of nootropics that contains thirty pills, you may think you’re purchasing a month’s supply. However, if you have to take two capsules every day, then you’re basically paying twice the amount for a month’s supply.

Before you buy, pay close attention to the dosage instructions. If you’re required to take more than one dose, capsule, pill, or tablet a day, calculate the entire cost of taking the supplement for a period of one month.

For many of us on a tight budget, paying such a high price for a nootropic we’ve never tried can seem too costly. However, if the product actually works, then it may be worth the steep price tag.

How to Know You’re Getting the Very Best

Many nootropics users feel that as a rule, if you want to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product, then you should steer clear of products that are sold in department stores, drug stores, and supermarkets.

Many of these stores sell a wide variety of products. If you want a high-quality nootropic, then you need to go with a company or store that sells only that. With a prime focus on a quality product.

If you’re shopping for nootropics and have found a brand you’re interested in, make sure you read the company’s “About” page in order to learn more in regards to what the company is all about, their mission statement, and where they get the ingredients for their products.

You can also find out if the product has undergone any type of testing including quality assurance. You can also learn more in regard to what type of customer service options are available, whether they offer some type of satisfaction guarantee, and how you can get ahold of a representative if you have a complaint or question. If none of this information is available, then this is a major red flag.

Some companies will also offer a COA or Certificate of Analysis. This certificate verifies the purity of its product.

Third-party testing is also a good sign, and as we mentioned, it’s something that many of the leading companies do in order to ensure their product contains only the purest ingredients.

The bottom line here is that just because a major company has a recognizable name doesn’t mean their products are the best, the purest, or the most effective. Once you’ve found a company that you feel is trustworthy, then you can give one of their leading nootropics a try.

The FDA’s Involvement in Nootropics

In America, the FDA doesn’t oversee every single supplement that hits the market in the same way that they scrutinize pharmaceuticals.

However, the FDA does regulate supplements to a certain degree, thanks to the Dietary Supplement and Education Act. This law prohibits manufacturers from marketing misbranded or adulterated products. Yet, the FDA also states that dietary supplements are not approved by the government for effectiveness and safety before they’re sold.

So a manufacturer can essentially police itself. It’s only when a nootropics product is considered ineffective or defective that it’s reported and the FDA feels the need to step in. Because of this, it’s up to you to do your own research and check a product’s label to learn more about it before you buy and try.

Related Questions

Are All Nootropics Considered Stimulants?

No, there are some all-natural nootropics products on the market that are stimulant-free.  If you’re sensitive to stimulants, then make sure you read a product’s label before you buy to find a nootropic that won’t cause any type of unwanted side effects such as nausea or an increase in anxiety.

Are Nootropics Legal

Yes. Most nootropics can be legally sold in America. There are currently no legal restrictions in place that govern the consumption, purchase, or use of nootropics in America.

However, the law does tend to fall in a gray area of sorts. While they’re considered legal, some brands of nootropics cannot be sold under the categorization of dietary supplements.

Do ADHD Meds Make You Smarter?

No. Many drugs designed to treat people with ADHD work to simply help slow down their brain, allowing them to focus on one task at a time, instead of being overwhelmed by everything that’s going on at once.

However, if a person that takes ADHD medication doesn’t have ADHD, then it can have a different effect, one that’s similar to that of methamphetamines.

Although, many recreational drug users that have tried ADHD medication have reported that they can help to improve mental focus and clarity.

Final Thoughts

Why are nootropics so expensive? Not all nootropics are. In fact, it’s usually only the products that contain the purest ingredients, the most potent formula, and have undergone third-party testing in order to prove to the public that a specific product works. Lower priced nootropics are typically caffeine loaded or consist of low-quality, all-natural ingredients that have not been regulated. Bottom line, if you want a nootropic that can deliver, then you’d better be prepared to fork over the cash for the very best nootropics on the market.

Taylor Bates

Taylor is a neurohacking expert who has been in the world of nootropics since it gained popularity almost 10 years ago. He overcame his ADD, procrastination and lack of focus with nootropics. Now, he is sharing his knowledge and experience here at NootroPicks.com to help others navigate the world of cognitive enhancement.
Why Are Nootropics So Expensive: The Price Of A Brain Boost
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Why Are Nootropics So Expensive: The Price Of A Brain Boost
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